Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lord of the Rings Musical Update

I wrote a while ago about how the previews for lord of the rings (the musical) were running in Toronto.

There's a couple of mentions of it again in the press: The Toronto Star has a lengthy article about the challenges of putting on a show of such epic proportions, and getting the running time to under 4 hours. Yup. Four Hours ... Lots of pressure on the cast and crew, since this is the premiere. Plans are made for shows overseas ... London, Holland, Germany ... Actors going from Ents on stilts to Deformed Orcs in under 5 Minutes. Hats off to the cast a crew - quick costume changes are awful hard to pull off perfectly.

Then the NY Times slant is much more towards the effect on Toronto Tourism, but does have a stunning picture. If you have time to read only one, read the Star.

It's not only diehard J. R. R. Tolkien fans who are hoping that "The Lord
of the Rings" which is directed by Matthew Warchus, and stars Brent Carver,
who won a Tony for his performance in "Kiss of the Spider Woman" will be as
captivating a musical as it was a trilogy of books and movies.

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