Sunday, March 12, 2006

Auditions and Rejection

How do you prefer your rejection? Let's face it, in the world of the theater, professional or community, it's going to happen. Do you prefer the short impersonal email, the emotional call, or a form letter? I know, I know, none of the above... you want a part.

I prefer the phone call, it's a respect thing for me - It's community theater, most of us are either going to school or working full time. Some of us are doing both! We take a huge amount of time out of our schedule on our day off (or evening after a long day of work) to go to Auditions. Auditions that can be crazy to say the least - sometimes a disorganized mayhem with many people showing up for only a few parts, and sometimes smaller more intimate gatherings. When the result is a form letter with our names "personalized". It just feels so impersonal - uncaring even. That's not really the feeling a Community Theater Group should be wanting to foster.

I understand Directors and Produces are busy too, but a personal touch makes a big difference in the way people feel afterwards. What do you think?

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Gale said...

I have to admit I recently received what I like to refer to as a 'three liner' rejection email. It consists of the following - "Thanks for coming. Sorry we couldn't use you. Please try again." This email/letter is always the same... and it doesn't exactly exude the "Please try again" sentiment.

Around the same time I also received a rejection on my voice mail. This, on the other hand, was the *nicest* rejection I've ever gotten- and I didn't even know anyone in the group! It went something like this: "Gale, we're so sorry we couldn't cast you as (part) because of (reason). We're doing (show) this fall, and we'd really love it if you came out for it. If you have any questions, you can call me at (number)." It says the same thing... but it was also the fact that they bothered to call everyone... and knew what part I had wanted... and genuinely sounded sorry that I couldn't be cast.

All I know is, I’m *definitely* going back to audition for the second group. The first group? Well, what would you do?

Claudia said...

As I've gotten older, the rejections have become fewer, only because I have been very realistic about the roles that suit me and suit my personality. Over time, I have learned to read the plays or musicals I've been interested in to get a sense of whether or not I want to do the project AND even more importantly, whether the company will WANT me to do the project. It works out. Rejections though, no matter how they are handled, are disappointing, even outside of the theater community...think about that first crush which never panned out..Am I right? :-)

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