Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chicago Auditions

Today Gale and I went to Auditions for Chicago, up at the Center for performing Arts in Rhinebeck. I've been working on the song "When you're good to Mama" For about two weeks now, and Gale sang "Nowadays" There was a Huge turnout - including last weeks candidates, I believe the total who came out for the show is around 80. That's pretty competitive.

The first hour was learning part of the routine for "All that Jazz." It was a challenge, but not over the top. It's going to look really good when it's polished up for the show.

Then we sang. Or we waited to sing... Gale said she sang well, and I know I sang my best. Whether it will be good enough for a part is impossible to say. Neither of us were asked to read from the script. The odds for a part are not good to say the least, not with a turnout like that.

However, we met some really nice people, and made time to chat up some old friends. I heard DCC is doing a show March 3-5th. I'll try to dig some details up on the show, but the College's website is difficult to traverse, making things hard to find.

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