Thursday, January 26, 2006

How DO actors remember the lines?

Interesting post I saw in another blog. I've never really had a tough time "learning" lines, perhaps this explains why!

Evidently the 20 year study shows that lines are not memorized, the Actor remembers the situation, the meaning and motivations of his or her character, and thus reacts to the situation.

To get inside the character, an actor will break a script down into a series of logically connected "beats" or intentions. Good actors don't think about their lines, but feel their character's intention in reaction to what the other actors do, causing their lines to come spontaneously and naturally. The researchers quote the great British actor Michael Caine: "You must be able to stand there not thinking of that line. You take it off the other actor's face."

Link to the blog post. Link to the original source material.

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Erica said...

(Gale) I must say I find it incredibly daunting when first faced with all the lines I have to learn. I always say, "*This* is why I do musicals!"

But as rehearsals go on, the lines become more habit than anything else. I, personally, try *not* to think about my lines. Actually, it's quite exhilarating to go on stage having no idea what you're going to say. But, inevitably, the words always come. Your character always knows the right thing to say.

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