Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Results of Fiddler Auditions

Well we both got our results from the fiddler auditions via email yesterday. Neither of us got a part. Not to worry, there are more auditions coming up that we'll try for. One of the nicest parts of living here in the hudson valley, is that there are so many different theater groups that you can almost always find another audition.

How do you keep rejection from getting you down? It's not easy, but working on growing some thick skin helps. The first thing you need to realize is that this is an subjective decision by the director (or directors as the case may be) - audition for five different directors for the same part and you'll have five different opinions. Age and physical characteristics work into the equation as well! If you're auditioning for a role as a 'love interest' there needs to be someone who will match up with you. Generally speaking, Directors won't cast a 6 Ft woman playing against a 5 Ft man. Auditioning for part of a family? The Director is looking for people that look like they could be family. Perhaps someone else just matched up to the Directors interpretation of a character - thus requiring less work to share the directors vision. See
The Top 10 Reasons you didn't get cast for more!

Gale can give you a better perspective of what it's like on the other side: she has Directing experience and has cast a number of shows. Though I hope to Direct in the future!

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