Friday, November 18, 2005

Onstage or Backstage which is most important

The eternal question - which is most important the actors or the backstage crew? Both are equally important. Without Actors the backstage crew would have a show made up of set pieces, props, lighting cues and sounds. A show without a Crew would be disorganized, without curtains, lights and sounds. No Audience is going to enjoy a show made up of props and set pieces, neither will they enjoy a show performed entirely in the dark!

I'm lucky in that I have experience both onstage and backstage, of course not everyone would say I'm lucky - but it gives me insight into both worlds. The challenges of being onstage are just as great as being backstage. I've helped out backstage for the Kids on Stage Programs including Jingle Bell Jury and Cinderella and on shows when I had smaller roles like when I played Florence Dana Morehead in I remember Mama and also when I was General Cartwright in Guys and Dolls.

There's lots of different roles in the theater, both onstage and off.

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